Wednesday, September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day!

Someday I’ll consider stopping these frequent “Food Day” posts — but two of my favorites happened to occur during this, my birthday week!

Coincidence, I think NOT!

Wednesday, September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day!

cheeseburger1According to Wikipedia, the cheeseburger is said to have been first created back in 1926, by 16-year-old Lionel Sternberger.

I mean, of course it was created by a 16-year-old boy!

The boy was reportedly working at his father’s restaurant when he decided to slap a slice of cheese onto a sizzling hamburger, and the cheeseburger was born.

The largest cheeseburger made in the world weighed in at 777 pounds! It was created two summers ago, in June of 2011 at a California county fair.

Fairgoers were able to purchase 99-cent portions of the 1.375 million calorie burger!

UntitledA thick, juicy cheeseburger may be my all-time favorite food!

In my personal opinion — you don’t even need the bun! In fact, I feel the bun takes away from the taste of the burger.

All you need is a thick burger patty and TONS of condiments!

Some of my favorite condiments include:

  • bacon
  • avocado
  • jalapenos
  • cheese (sharp cheddar, feta, Greek)
  • chili
  • sauteed mushrooms/onions
  • ketchup/mustard
  • butter
  • pickles/relish
  • sun-dried tomatoes

I also decided to offer you here five fabulous looking Paleo burger ideas!

1) Perfect Paleo Burger, courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

This burger is topped with sharp cheddar goat cheese, sweet potato strings, avocado, spinach and roma tomato. All it needs is bacon 🙂

2) Paleo Guac. Burger, courtesy The Urban Poser.

Photo Courtesy The Urban Poser

Photo Courtesy The Urban Poser

This thick burger is topped with tons of guacamole and thinly sliced parsnip fries!

3) SB&J Burger courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

This burger is offers a combination of a hamburger and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with the addition of homemade jelly and sunbutter, almond butter or tahini!

4) Double-Double courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Ingredients for this burger, that is mostly MEAT, includes onion, mustard, American cheese, Thousand Island dressing, pickles and lettuce.

5) Salmon BLT & Avocado in a Sweet Potato Noodle Bun courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Not your traditional burger, this “burger” includes a slab of salmon, avocado, onion and tomato sandwiched in between two “buns” made using sweet potato noodles.

6) Guacamole-Stuffed Southwest Burger via

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

There isn’t much better than an avocado/guacamole stuffed burger! The original recipe came from!

CLICK HERE for more cheeseburger topping ideas!

CLICK HERE to view a list of 50+ cheeseburger recipes!

CLICK HERE for even more burger recipes, courtesy

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Daily Delicious: Asian-Style Crockpot Carnitas!

Wednesday’s “Daily Delicious” is best described by the first line of the blog post in which it is featured, at If delicious Mexican food and Asian food had a baby, what would you get?

Simple: Asian-style Carnitas!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

This is a crockpot recipe, that gives traditionally spicy carnitas a unique Asian flair.

Ingredients include pork shoulder, sesame oil, garlic, rice vinegar, ginger, chives and coconut aminos (Paleo soy sauce — minus the soy).

Everything is cooked up on low in the slow cooker for 6-8 hours, and then the carnitas are shredded, and broiled in the oven until slightly crispy.

This blogger enjoyed her carnitas over broccoli and onions, but I think this recipe might be super tasty served on top of Slim Palate’s Cauliflower Tortillas (which I somehow STILL haven’t made!)

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

I might consider layering the carnitas on the cauliflower tortillas with some shredded lettuce or cabbage, some chives, maybe some sliced almonds, and some sort of a Paleo Asian dressing — perhaps Melissa Joulwan’s (of delicious-looking and popular “Sunshine Sauce,” which I also still haven’t made!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

GET THE RECIPE for Crockpot Asian-Style Carnitas via

GET THE RECIPE for Cauliflower Tortillas via

GET THE RECIPE for Sunshine Sauce via

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Semi-Paleo Shrimp Fried Rice for dinner Friday night!

As I have mentioned, I headed into this weekend and this work week with very little in terms of monetary funding — and thus, I didn’t really have any plans for dinner this weekend.

The boyfriend and I went to the grocery store not really knowing what would be on our plates for Friday night’s dinner.

While browsing, the boyfriend suggested shrimp fried rice, and I agreed. Not totally Paleo, but also not McDonald’s 🙂

We picked up some vegetables (including sugar snap peas, bell peppers, broccoli slaw, frozen peas, onion, red cabbage), some brown rice, some shrimp, some eggs, and some packaged egg rolls and crab rangoons.

We pulled the shrimp fried rice together — boiling the shrimp, sauteeing the vegetables in sesame oil, soy sauce and teryaki sauce, tossed in some eggs, boiling the rice, and tossing in the shrimp.

2013-09-14 00.18.28-1

2013-09-14 00.18.34

2013-09-14 00.18.40

Then, we baked up the egg rolls and crab rangoons.

We also picked up some microwaveable edamame and steamed that up and enjoyed that as an appetizer.

2013-09-13 22.58.01I didn’t snap a picture of the entire meal put together, unfortunately! I was too busy devouring it 🙂

It was definitely delicious! We were able to finish off the leftovers for a late lunch on Saturday afternoon after a long day dealing with our AT&T U-verse installation!

Hopefully next weekend, we’ll be back to the Paleo cooking!

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Monday, September 16th is National Guacamole Day!

Monday, September 16th was my birthday! I’m 21 (for the eighth-straight year!)

Monday was also National Guacamole Day!

Guacamole and avocadoes are things I have learned to love through the Paleo diet, as for much of my life, I avoided avocadoes and all things containing them.

Now, I’m obsessed with anything and everything avocado — including some creamy delicious guac!

For National Guacamole Day — I give you three Paleo guac recipes, and three Paleo recipes that include guacamole!

Guacamole Recipes:

Guacamole via NomNomPaleo!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Grilled Bacon Guacamole via PaleoOMG

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Game Day Guacamole via PrimalPalate!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Guacamole Stuffed Southwest Burgers via MarksDailyApple

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Chipotle Meatballs with Guacamole via Health-Bent

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Chunky Pineapple Guacamole with Grilled Sweet Potato Chips via PaleoOMG

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

What’s your favorite way to enjoy guacamole/avocado?

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Daily Delicious: Paleo Mexican Pot Pie!

Tuesday’s “Daily Delicious” comes courtesy a blogger who is new to me —!

Monday was “National Guacamole Day” which got me thinking about Mexican food — which in turn, got me thinking about THIS RECIPE for Paleo Taco Pie!

Photo Courtesy!

Photo Courtesy!

These can be made in individual serving sizes or as one big taco pie. Think of it like chicken pot pie with a Mexican twist!

The crust for this Paleo Taco Pie is made using almond meal/almond flour with a sprinkling of taco spices and eggs to bind the crust.

Then, the crust is filled with your taco pie filling, including ground beef, onion, red pepper, green pepper, taco seasoning, spicy diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and avocado!

The crust is pre-baked for about 10 minutes, and then the entire pie is baked for about 20.

If you’re like me and love spice, you could make this even spicer by adding in some jalapenos or other peppers!

Another twist on this recipe could be using some slow-cooker Mexican shredded chicken instead of ground beef!

A delicious, low-carb Mexican pot pie that would make a perfect weekend dinner on a chilly night!

GET THE RECIPE for Paleo Taco Pie via!

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Semi-Paleo cooking on a $0.00 grocery budget

My budget for grocery shopping for this work week’s meals was $0.00!

So what do you do when you’re poor, and still need to make a meal plan for the week? You get REALLY creative!

Luckily, I had that second meatloaf I prepped and froze last week — so I pulled that out of the freezer on Saturday and baked it for about 45 minutes.

2013-09-14 22.34.02Then, I opened the freezer again, and pulled out a punch of frozen vegetables that had been collecting in the fridge for awhile. Those veggies were sauteed with sesame oil and seasonings, and placed in a Tupperware container.

2013-09-15 00.37.23

In the cupboard, I found some leftover jasmine rice, and boiled that up. The sauteed veggies were eventually served over the rice — as a sort of stir-fry.

I typically don’t eat rice, and there is controversy over whether rice is, in fact, Paleo. Some who follow a Paleo lifestyle consume rice, and others shy away from it. I shy away from it for the most part, but I do enjoy it at times — such as when I’m having sushi.

2013-09-14 21.10.07

The stir-fry served as dinner’s side dish.

As for lunch, I again opened the freezer, and pulled out about six various brats/sausages and boiled those up in some water, with some steakhouse seasoning and Himalayan salt.

2013-09-14 22.43.32

The brats/sausages were then baked in the oven for about 10-15 minutes just to crisp them up a bit. They were cooked along with some leftover bacon, that the boyfriend and I snacked on Saturday night.

2013-09-14 23.02.45

I also baked up about four small sweet potatoes I found in the cupboard. I slathered them with olive oil, and baked them for about 30-45 minutes.

2013-09-14 22.34.29

On Sunday morning, while I was packing up my food, I cooked up two eggs over-easy.

This work week’s lunch looks like this:

  • 2 over-easy eggs
  • 1 brat/sausage
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • barbecue sauce

This work week’s dinner looks like this:

  • 1 slice bacon-covered fiery meatloaf with pickles
  • sesame vegetables over jasmine rice

Frankly I am amazed I was able to pull together two decent meals using ingredients I had on hand at home.

The only ingredient purchased for this week was a dozen eggs that the boyfriend so graciously donated to my cause 🙂

We’re all poor at one point in time or another, and if you’re ever struggling to gather enough pennies to go grocery shopping — I encourage you to take a look at what’s already in your kitchen, and try to get creative!

We won’t even talk about what I ate this weekend! 🙂

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Daily Delicious: Triple Hamburger/Cheeseburger Meatloaf!

I ate meatloaf for dinner last week, and I’ll be eating meatloaf again for dinner this week — and several of my recent “Daily Delicious” posts have featured various versions of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, so when I spotted THIS RECIPE for Triple Hamburger/Cheeseburger Slow Cooker Meatloaf — I knew it had to be a “Daily Delicious” recipe — and I knew it had to get on my list of Things To Make!

The picture attached to the recipe post by PaleoPot sealed the deal for me!

I mean, just LOOK at this meatloaf!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

AND, it’s cooked up in the slow cooker — which does most of the hard work for you!

Ingredients for the meatloaf include ground beef, eggs, and seasonings.

Toppings/fillings can include things like cheese, spinach or kale, onion, jalapeno, pickles, bacon, mustard/mayo/barbecue sauce, etc.

On the PaleoPot site, the blogger suggests making a homemade, Paleo ketchup to drizzle over the meatloaf.

Pulling this meatloaf together is a LITTLE tricky, because you have to layer your meat and toppings into the slow cooker.

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

First, you will need to divide your meat into three sections.

Then, press your first section down into your slow cooker, add the toppings, cover with a second section of meet, pressing the edges together so your toppings don’t leak out — and repeat.

Then, the meatloaf is cooked on low for five hours or on high for about 2.5 hours.

This is the next meatloaf I will make — for sure! Another great low-carb way to enjoy a cheeseburger!

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