I created this blog reluctantly because I am very self-critical (read: I hate everything I write) and self-conscious (I fear everyone will hate what I write.)

With that said — I created this blog primarily for myself — as a way to sort of catalog my culinary creations in a database so I have a way of looking back on what I have done in the kitchen.

Additionally, I created this blog in an attempt to share my creations with others — and connect with other bloggers in order to join the healthy eating blog world and social media movement.

If nothing else, I hope this blog will serve as a means of collecting recipes and honing in on my cooking skills. However, I would love readers, followers and commenters — as well as suggestions on what should be featured on this blog!

meAbout Me:

Currently: Milwaukee, WI

Raised: Byron, IL

Born: Valparaiso, IN

Age: 28

I eat cake on: September 16th

Work: Web Producer at FOX6 News in Milwaukee

Hobbies: Cooking and eating!

Top 5 favorite foods:

  • Bacon
  • Avocado
  • Bison
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Nuts and nut butters

My diet: Paleo, sometimes vegan — trying to cut down on the off-track eating!

Where you will find me: At FOX6, or in my kitchen! I usually do the bulk of my cooking on the weekends — as I work second shift.

Advice for those new to Paleo: Planning meals and grocery shopping trips is key!

Advice for those new to cooking: Keep it simple! Sometimes the best things have the fewest ingredients.

Inspirations: Alton Brown, because he tells me WHY something tastes good, and of course the infinitely creative Paleo bloggers I follow.

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