A twist on an old recipe — Chorizo and broccoli slaw for lunch!

So let me just say that my Saturday was not as productive as I would have liked it to be!

After sleeping in (we won’t discuss what time I got up!) I had two weeks worth of laundry to tackle! Yikes!

Later in the evening, it was time to start prepping dinner. I was too lazy to hit the grocery store on Saturday for the handful of things I had forgotten — so that meant it was a mad dash to hit the store and get things finished up on Sunday before work.


On Sunday morning, I raced to the store and picked up the things I needed — and then raced home and cooked while getting ready for work.

The meal that hadn’t yet been started was the main dish for this work week’s lunch!

I was planning on making a recipe I have made many times before — sausage with shaved Brussels Sprouts and cheese.

sausage and sproutsUsually, I use Laughing Cow cheese, but this time I decided to use a mixture of sour cream and cream cheese.

I got some delicious homemade spicy chorizo from the grocery store, and cut it from its casing on Saturday night.

Then, on Sunday morning at the grocery store, I picked up some broccoli slaw, since the store was OUT of shaved Brussels Sprouts SIGH.

brusselsI normally have to drive out of my way to pick up my Brussels at Trader Joe’s — but I recently spotted the shaved Brussels at my local grocery store — and now, just like that, they are gone.

broccoli slawSo I sauteed the broccoli slaw in some olive oil, and then dropped in the ground chorizo, and let everything saute for a bit.

I was in a hurry, so I didn’t get pictures 😦 But let’s just pretend that the sausage looked like THIS. It was almost red in color.

sausageWhen the meat was cooked and the broccoli slaw was tender, I added a small container of jalapeno flavored cream cheese and sour cream — turned down the heat and let everything simmer for a bit — stirring frequently.

jalapeno cream cheeseThis was one-half of my lunch this work week — and OH MY GOODNESS it was delicious!

The picture DOES NOT do this justice!

2013-09-22 12.42.10

Very different from my normal sausage and Brussels — but the same kind of idea, with a new twist! And SO, so good!

Not ENTIRELY Paleo, because it does include dairy (cream cheese and sour cream) — BUT it is low-carb and healthy!

A nice, spicy first meal of the day! My work week EATS — below!

2013-09-22 12.43.56

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