Semi-Paleo Shrimp Fried Rice for dinner Friday night!

As I have mentioned, I headed into this weekend and this work week with very little in terms of monetary funding — and thus, I didn’t really have any plans for dinner this weekend.

The boyfriend and I went to the grocery store not really knowing what would be on our plates for Friday night’s dinner.

While browsing, the boyfriend suggested shrimp fried rice, and I agreed. Not totally Paleo, but also not McDonald’s 🙂

We picked up some vegetables (including sugar snap peas, bell peppers, broccoli slaw, frozen peas, onion, red cabbage), some brown rice, some shrimp, some eggs, and some packaged egg rolls and crab rangoons.

We pulled the shrimp fried rice together — boiling the shrimp, sauteeing the vegetables in sesame oil, soy sauce and teryaki sauce, tossed in some eggs, boiling the rice, and tossing in the shrimp.

2013-09-14 00.18.28-1

2013-09-14 00.18.34

2013-09-14 00.18.40

Then, we baked up the egg rolls and crab rangoons.

We also picked up some microwaveable edamame and steamed that up and enjoyed that as an appetizer.

2013-09-13 22.58.01I didn’t snap a picture of the entire meal put together, unfortunately! I was too busy devouring it 🙂

It was definitely delicious! We were able to finish off the leftovers for a late lunch on Saturday afternoon after a long day dealing with our AT&T U-verse installation!

Hopefully next weekend, we’ll be back to the Paleo cooking!

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