Daily Delicious: Paleo Mexican Pot Pie!

Tuesday’s “Daily Delicious” comes courtesy a blogger who is new to me — PaleoNewbie.com!

Monday was “National Guacamole Day” which got me thinking about Mexican food — which in turn, got me thinking about THIS RECIPE for Paleo Taco Pie!

Photo Courtesy PaleoNewbie.com!

Photo Courtesy PaleoNewbie.com!

These can be made in individual serving sizes or as one big taco pie. Think of it like chicken pot pie with a Mexican twist!

The crust for this Paleo Taco Pie is made using almond meal/almond flour with a sprinkling of taco spices and eggs to bind the crust.

Then, the crust is filled with your taco pie filling, including ground beef, onion, red pepper, green pepper, taco seasoning, spicy diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and avocado!

The crust is pre-baked for about 10 minutes, and then the entire pie is baked for about 20.

If you’re like me and love spice, you could make this even spicer by adding in some jalapenos or other peppers!

Another twist on this recipe could be using some slow-cooker Mexican shredded chicken instead of ground beef!

A delicious, low-carb Mexican pot pie that would make a perfect weekend dinner on a chilly night!

GET THE RECIPE for Paleo Taco Pie via PaleoNewbie.com!

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