What’sTaEat for dinner? Apple cinnamon brats with grapes!

This week’s “work week dinner” was a very last-minute decision!

I had initially planned on NOT grocery shopping at all, and simply trying to survive on whatever was left in the fridge/cupboards for this week, but at the last minute, while grocery shopping, decided to take another shot at a recipe that left me injured the last time I made it.

While making THIS RECIPE, inspired by Ina Garten’s “Sausage and Grapes” at the end of June, I severely burned my thumb while trying to remove a pan of heavy sausage and grapes from a very, very hot oven!

I was nervous, but I decided to give this recipe another try — this time using brats instead of spicy sausage.

I picked up some beer brats at the grocery store, and boiled them in a mix of water, Redd’s Apple Ale and a sort of apple-cinnamon spice mixture I threw together.

This, after I pulled my green grapes off the vine and sauteed them in a pan with butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar for about a half-hour, until they were nice and soft.

The brats were wrapped in bacon (once they were cool enough to handle), the grapes were poured into a baking plan, the brats were layered on top, along with some sliced red onion and garlic, and everything was baked for about 30-45 minutes.

I would definitely advise flipping these about half-way to three-quarters of the way through cooking, so that the bacon can crisp up a bit. You can also use the broiler function on your oven to help get the bacon crispier.

Just watch this as it bakes — to make sure nothing burns!

Nothing DID burn this time, including any of my appendages 🙂

I chose this recipe because it was something I could assemble quickly this weekend — and what took the longest was simply baking it up.

Also — the recipe required just five ingredients that I didn’t already have on hand:

  • brats
  • bacon
  • grapes
  • butter
  • red onion

(The balsamic vinegar and olive oil were ingredients I already had on hand.)

This is a very delicious and flavorful recipe to make if you have to pack/reheat your lunch/dinner — as it reheats really well!

As I have mentioned, I didn’t have the camera in hand much while I was in the kitchen this weekend, so all you get it this shot of the finished bacon-wrapped brats with grapes 🙂


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