Snow, Dungeness crab clusters and bacon-wrapped asparagus for dinner!

This weekend’s dinner recipes weren’t AS exciting as I would have liked them to be, because the boyfriend and I are kind of poor right now, and are both waiting on upcoming pay days. Such is the beginning of the month.

Luckily, we happened to have a pretty decent amount of crab on hand — including some snow crab clusters from Pick ‘n Save, and some Dungeness crab clusters from Empire Fish Company.

1373669159558We also had some asparagus on hand, so we decided to make boiled crab with bacon-wrapped asparagus!

We picked up a few things at the grocery store on Friday night (mainly bacon and butter), and then later Friday, we got busy putting the meal together.

The crab clusters were boiled with a bag of shrimp and crab boil seasoning, some salt and pepper and some other seasonings — and this was the easiest part of putting this meal together. Shellfish is really, really easy to prepare — it can be boiled or baked, and takes seemingly no time to cook.

The asparagus was wrapped in bacon, and baked for 15 minutes to a half an hour. Check it frequently, and be sure your bacon and asparagus come to your desired tenderness before pulling this from the oven.

We served our crab and asparagus feast for two with a side of melted butter for dipping. We happened to find a big block of local butter at the grocery store and it was SO. SO. GOOD!

20130831_002424I’m pretty sure I had butter, with a side of crab and bacon-wrapped asparagus!

NOTE: You aren’t imagining it. There are a lack of pictures of my food adventures this weekend — as I wanted to make more of an effort to just eat and enjoy my food, versus worrying about photographing it! Plus, I was a little uninspired with the recipe choices. I will work on this 🙂

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