Daily Delicious: Sweet Potato Crab Cakes!

So I unintentionally took Labor Day off the blog (mainly because I was too tired on Sunday night to hit “Publish” on my posts! Oops!) BUT it is Tuesday, and I am back, with an outstanding “Daily Delicious” recipe that I wish was on my plate right now!

This recipe comes courtesy GreenOrganicMama.com — a blogger new to me! I discovered this recipe via the “Just Eat Real Food” Facebook page.

Are you following this Facebook page?! If not, you’re missing out on a lot of fabulous recipes — every single day!

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Back to the recipe…

Photo Courtesy GreenOrganicMama.com

Photo Courtesy GreenOrganicMama.com

This recipe combines sweet potatoes and crab cakes — for a delicious and hearty crab cake that could serve as an appetizer or a meal, depending on how big you make the cakes 🙂

The recipe calls for crab meat, eggs, sweet potato (roasted), coconut milk, onion, coconut flour and seasonings — and this blogger made her crab cakes using a donut hole machine! Crazy!

If you don’t have a donut hole maker, you can simply roll these cakes by hand, and bake them up in the oven.

The nice thing about adding the sweet potato is that it should keep the crab cakes nice and moist!

The only thing I might add to this recipe is PERHAPS a sauce for the little crab cakes?! Maybe a dairy-free tartar sauce, or something using avocado?

I also might spice these cakes up a bit, because I like it hot 🙂

GET THE RECIPE via GreenOrganicMama.com.

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