Packers QB Aaron Rodgers creates the perfect burger for charity

The Green Bay Packers are a big, big deal in Wisconsin! The team has won the Super Bowl twice (most recently in 2010), and now, the team is winning over my taste buds!

During this year’s Training Camp, the Green Bay Packers have given some of its players the unique opportunity to create a personalized burger to be sold at Curly’s Pub inside Lambeau Field.

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy, and players Ryan Pickett, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews have created their own special burgers and each will be featured for one week.

Only 500 burgers will be sold each week with a portion of all proceeds for that week going to the charity of their choosing.

The most popular burger will receive an additional donation for their charity.

Each burger will be accompanied by a commemorative photo and every 50th photo will be personally signed by the burger’s creator.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

In my personal opinion, the Aaron Rodgers Burger just recently announced is THE perfect burger!

The Aaron Rodgers Burger includes:

prime blend burger
fried egg
peanut butter
swiss and Havarti cheese
crispy fried onion rings
ranch dressing

I mean, the picture released by the Packers doesn’t do this baby justice!

Aaron Rodgers Burger!

Aaron Rodgers Burger!

And, if you ordered it without the bun, without the fried onion rings, and without the mayo/ranch, it would be semi-Paleo!

But who are we kidding. If you’re going to eat the Aaron Rodgers Burger, you’re going to eat the Aaron Rodgers Burger — whether it’s Paleo or not!

The burger goes for $13 at Curly’s Pub, with proceeds benefiting the MACC Fund.

The Aaron Rodgers Burger was launched on August 24th and will be sold through August 30th — and then it’s time for MY favorite Packers player to create HIS burger: Clay Matthews!

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1 Response to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers creates the perfect burger for charity

  1. Sis says:

    peanut butter on a burger????

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