Work week lunch: Banana/avo smoothie, nuts + veggies/hummus

While I was on vacation, I sort of threw Paleo to the side and just ate what was available to me during the five days we spent up north.

Last year, when I was super strict Paleo, I packed all of my own food and carted it up north in Tupperware containers. We even had to buy a new, bigger cooler for the excursion! It was a hassle!

I won’t mention what I ate while on vacation, because it wasn’t pretty! But that’s why it’s called vacation, right?!

Last week was my first week back to work after vacation, and I literally ate things like raw veggies, almonds, hummus, and fruit. Maybe it was all the unhealthy eating, but that is all I wanted last week!

I decided to keep things simple and stick with the raw theme for this week’s breakfast/lunch.

I recently discovered a recipe for an avocado/banana smoothie — and blended that up for breakfast/lunch this work week.

I found some “healthy” whole milk produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides at the store this weekend, and just blended that up with an avocado and a banana (or two) — and sipped on that during my weekday afternoons.

20130825_121844_2Accompanying my banana/avo smoothie was a handful of raw almonds and baby carrots/cucumber (one or the other) with hummus — and coffee, of course!



A simple, nutrient dense first meal for this work week that was super simple to put together in the race to get ready for work in the morning!

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