Daily Delicious: Asian Chicken Salad Courtesy PaleoOMG!

I was simultaneously looking for a “Daily Delicious” recipe to feature for Tuesday, and also looking for something to make for dinner this weekend/next week — and I think this recipe fits both of those categories!

I discovered this recipe for Asian Chicken Salad via PaleoOMG’s website.

Asian Chicken Salad (Photo Courtesy PaleoOMG)

Asian Chicken Salad (Photo Courtesy PaleoOMG)

As you all know, I happen to LOVE chicken salad — and was eating a lot of it (the non-Paleo kind!) before I left for vacation earlier this month. SO GOOD!

This is a nice variation to the usual chicken salad — adding a little Asian flair! Love it!

This recipe calls for chicken (obviously), red and green cabbage, onion, carrot, celery, green onion and sliced almonds, along with an Asian mayo that includes things like avocado oil, sesame oil and sriracha for lots of rich Asian-y flavor!

And, this recipe takes about 20 minutes total to pull together!

I may have to slow cook some chicken breasts this weekend and give this recipe a try!

GET THE RECIPE for Paleo Asian Chicken Salad courtesy PaleoOMG!

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