Vacation recap! Five days on Killarney Lake in Tomahawk

I’m baaaaack!

The last time I posted on the blog was nearly 20 days ago! Yikes!

I took a break from the blog for a few weeks to focus on work while the boss was on vacation — and then it was time for my vacation!

This year was my fourth year headed up to Tomahawk with the boyfriend and the boyfriend’s family to visit his family’s lakehouse on Killarney Lake in Tomahawk — for the annual lake association fishing tournament!

tomahawkNormally, we spend the weekend up in Tomahawk, but this year, we made it a five-day event.

ALSO — this was the first year we were traveling with precious cargo, as Hatchet made his first trip “up north.”

hatchet and iThings were a little stressful as we prepared for the trip, after the boyfriend’s Jeep broke down just days before our 3.5 hour trip — and the boyfriend, with the help of his stepdad, purchased a vehicle in less than 48 hours.

Then, some small repairs had to be made to get the new Dodge Durango (whom we have named Django) in tip top shape for the trip — including repairing the air conditioning and replacing some blown speakers.

Despite the stress, the truck is really nice. It runs great compared with the Jeep, and it is in great condition for being a 2000. The only “problem” with it is that it is a gas guzzler!

djangoWe headed off on Tuesday, August 14th, and headed home on Sunday, August 18th.

Most of our time spent at the lakehouse was spent fishing on Killarney Lake.

The boyfriend’s stepdad borrowed a boat WITH A MOTOR from a friend, so we went tooling around the lake this year!

boatIn previous years, we’ve relied on a smaller rowboat, that was “powered” with oars. Needless to say, the boyfriend was happy there was no rowing involved this year!

rowboatAnother nice thing about the boat was there was plenty of room for Hatchet!

When we put him on the boat during Saturday’s fishing tournament, he didn’t like it too much — but eventually, we brought his bed, some toys and some treats, and he made himself at home.

hatchet on the boat2We didn’t catch too many fish during the actual fishing tournament, but we were able to catch a few fish during our many fishing excursions throughout the week.

hatchet fishingPerhaps my favorite part of vacation (besides the fishing!) was the day we spent at Crystal Beach!

This was my first time at Crystal Beach, and it is aptly named, as the water is crystal clear, and perfect for swimming!

hatchet swimmingHatchet had the opportunity to cool off in the water, and had a blast hunting frogs!

frogWe placed about 20-30 frogs in a pail, and were planning on using them for bait while fishing, but decided against it, and eventually released the frogs at the lakehouse dock.

Every time we took Hatchet down to the dock, he was all about hunting frogs! If we could ask Hatchet, I’m sure he would say frog hunting was his favorite part of vacation!

hunting frogs2

hunting frogs

After Crystal Beach, we made a stop at the Windmill Ice Cream Shoppe!

There, I got a banana cream pie waffle cone, and the boyfriend got a double scoop — blue moon and caramel! Delicious!

ice creamAnd of course, Hatchet got a small vanilla cone, that he devoured šŸ™‚

hatchets coneAnother highlight was assembling and hanging our favorite wooden swing — a swing that the boyfriend refinished at work!

swingThe best fish I caught during our vacation was likely this decent-sized crappie!

crappieAll in all, it was a GREAT vacation, that we were all sad to see come to an end.

The ride home was long, and we were all very tired, though only one of us had an opportunity to sleep for 3.5 hours during the ride home!

hatchet sleepingtomahawk2

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