EATS!: What’s Ta Eat at the Wisconsin State Fair?!

The boyfriend and I made our annual trip to the Wisconsin State Fair this weekend!

The Wisconsin State Fair is one of my favorite things about summer in Wisconsin — and for the past two years, we’ve been lucky enough to live right across the freeway from the fair!

Before we headed to the fair, we took Hatchet to the doggie store! We needed to pick up dog food and guinea pig food, so we figured we’d take Hatchet for a ride and let him enjoy the doggie store before it was kennel time so we could head to the fair.

hatchet1Hatchet did a really good job at the doggie store — except for when he got a little too excited and peed on the lady repping Blue Buffalo! Oops!

hatchet2We got Hatchet home and fed him lunch — and then it was time to head out to the fair.

Once we got to the gate, we unfortunately realized we had forgotten our free fair tickets at home! Gah!

We made our way into the fair, and the first stop was the corn dog stand to get the boyfriend a giant corn dog — his favorite fair food.

state fair29state fair 27Then, we headed over to The Machine Shed — for some Spicy Pig Candy! Basically, two strips of bacon with sugar and/or honey/maple syrup?

state fair23state fair25

It was pretty good — but VERY, VERY sweet! I would have preferred less sugar/sweetener and more bacon flavor.

The boyfriend and I are going to try to recreate this at home using honey and/or maple syrup — for a slightly sweet flavor mixed with a nice smokey bacon flavor. Yum!

Then, we were thirsty! We hit up Tropics at the Fair for a Long Island Iced Tea (and a beer for the boyfriend) — and we then walked around, checking out the animals.

state fair26state fair24

state fair22

We stopped by a stand selling doggie picture frames, and much to our surprise, found a Shiba Inu one — so we had to stop and pick it up for Hatchet’s picture! 🙂

state fair17

Then, we hit up Spin City for some game time!

state fair21state fair20

The boyfriend and I played a few games, and the boyfriend was able to win two toys for Hatchet — an owl we’ve named “Hooters” and a duck.


After this, we decided to leave the fair and head home, because it was time to give Hatchet dinner and let him go potty.

Then, we headed back to the fair to do some more EATING!

state fair16This year, State Fair officials held a competition for food vendors called “Sporkies.”

Fair food vendors were challenged to create the most inventive and exotic culinary creations imaginable to be considered for competition.

Eight finalists were selected from over 40 entries, competing for the Golden Spork Award — eventually awarded to La Coppa Gelato for its Mela Fritta Gelato — basically gelato on a stick shaped like a caramel apple!

I wanted to make sure to try one item on the list: Saz’s deep fried peanut butter and bacon nuggets with Berry Weiss jelly!

The first stop was Saz’s for these peanut butter and bacon balls with Berry Weiss jelly — and some sour cream and chive fries for the boyfriend.

state fair9

state fair6

The peanut butter balls were awesome! Another item the boyfriend and I may consider making at home at some point.

state fair5The sour cream and chive fries are a favorite of the boyfriend.

A staple I cannot leave the fair without is ROASTED CORN! We stopped by the Lion’s Club roasted corn stand — where Cornelius, giant corn on the cob was dancing a posing for pictures.

state fair13

state fair12

state fair11

state fair10

I picked up a Redd’s Apple Ale, as the boyfriend and I stopped to play some arcade games — including Air Hockey, Beer Pong, a racing game, basketball and quarters.

state fair14

state fair4

Guess who won at Air Hockey?! ME!!!

At the end of the night, we tracked down some deep fried, bacon wrapped tater tots from Jayme’s Chipstix for the boyfriend — and some items to take home, including roasted nuts (pecans and almonds), salt water taffy and jerky.

state fair120130803_215106

state fair31

state fair32

state fair33

state fair35

I walked out of the fair enjoying a cheesy bacon brat on a stick from Robert’s — arguably the best thing I ate all day!!!

state fair37

The boyfriend and I split the roasted nuts and the jerky. We picked up five jerky sticks, including elk, venison, alligator, kangaroo and buffalo.

state fair39

state fair38

The weather was PERFECT for the fair this weekend — temperatures in the 70s, low dewpoints and mostly sunny skies! A wonderful Wisconsin State Fair 2013!

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