Daily Delicious: BLT Salsa…OR BLT SALAD!

I saved the best “Daily Delicious” for last this week!

Check out this fantastic looking BLT SALSA via Real Sustenance!!!!

BLT SALSA!!!! Photo Courtesy RealSustenance.com!

BLT SALSA!!!! Photo Courtesy RealSustenance.com!

I mean, seriously!!!!

The best part about this recipe is that I was immediately drawn to it by the picture and the fact that it was BLT. I am obsessed with BLT anything — and obviously I can’t have a BLT sandwich like THIS on the Paleo diet — HAHA!

blt sandwichAs I read through the recipe, I thought to myself: “This looks so amazing…but I don’t know that I would ever eat it.”

I couldn’t really think of anything I would necessarily PUT this on, and I didn’t really think I would enjoy just eating it on its own (though it would be delicious I’m sure!)

Then, my questions were answered, when it was suggested making this as a salad! All the same ingredients, except you don’t shred your cabbage as thin!


Ingredients include diced tomatoes, green cabbage, onion, bacon, jalapeno, and seasonings.

Literally all you have to do is cook the bacon, and chop the rest of the stuff up, put it into a bowl and EAT IT!

This is going to have to be lunch one of these days!

GET THE RECIPE via Real Sustenance!!!!

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