Daily Delicious: Ideas for recreating a summery kale salad

Decided to start off the work week with a healthy “Daily Delicious” for Monday to help us all be reminded of the need to get our greens in!

Photo Courtesy PureandSimple.typepad.com

Photo Courtesy PureandSimple.typepad.com

This recipe, discovered on the Just Eat Real Food Facebook page is for a kale and avocado salad — and immediately reminded me of a kale salad I have been getting this summer via the grocery store’s deli.

kale salad2kale salad

The grocery store’s kale salad consists of kale, cut into thin strips and massaged, maybe with some olive oil, coconut oil or balsamic vinegar.

The salad also includes sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

The recipe for kale and avocado salad via “In the Kitchen with Amy Jo” is just simply kale, red onion, garlic, lemon, olive oil, and avocado!

I have gotten a few requests that I recreate the grocery store kale salad — and I am thinking a mix of the two recipes would be really delicious!

Basically — taking the kale, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts, and tossing in some red onion, garlic, lemon and avocado!

I think this would be a great way to make this kale salad my own!

Another benefit to this recipe is that it is a raw food recipe (no cooking required!) and also is just packed with nutrient-dense veggies!

Going to have to give this one a try very soon!

GET THE RECIPE via “In the Kitchen with Amy Jo” HERE!

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