EATS!: Stuffed chicken breasts + green beans for dinner!

As expected, Saturday was a semi-busy day! Because I worked Friday and subsequently had Wednesday off — it sort of felt like a one-day weekend!

I got up late Saturday, and it was time to do laundry and run errands — including going grocery shopping for next week.

Once everything was gathered up, the boyfriend and I took Hatchet to his grand-mommy’s house to play with her four dogs. Hatchet LOVES playing with Riley, a yellow lab, Moose, a rat terrier, Brutus, who looks like a tan Husky-ish type dog, and Carmen, a miniature pomeranian.

hatchet and carmenhatchet and carmen2.jgpHis favorite playmate is Riley — which I find hilarious because Riley is about 110 pounds, and Hatchet is a mere 10 pounds — but Hatchet will bark in Riley’s face until Riley agrees to run around the yard with him!

hatchet and rileyhatchet and riley and brutus

The great thing about going there to play is that the boyfriend’s mom has a fenced in, decent-sized yard, so Hatchet can run and play leash free! It’s kind of like a mini dog park!

hatchet playingUnfortunately I didn’t take any pictures on Saturday because my phone was near death — but the boyfriend’s mom has taken plenty during his appearances at her house. All of the photos above are pictures she took back when he was teeny-er!

Once Hatchet was tired out, it was time to come home and get into the kitchen.

hatchet and his toysThis was to be my cookup — getting everything prepared for the week ahead, and also an opportunity to make dinner Saturday night.

Usually I make dinner on Friday night and Saturday night, but since I was working Friday night, I just ate leftovers on Friday versus making a meal at home.

I feel like I need to do a better job with eating healthy and sticking to a meal plan. I’ve been opening the fridge too much lately — particularly at night. Yes, I’m eating healthy food, but too much of it.

I need to get back to being a good girl!

fridgeIn the kitchen on Saturday night, I worked on a veggie quiche for this week’s lunch, Jalapeno popper meatballs for this week’s dinner, and stuffed chicken with green beans for Saturday Night’s Dinner.

The stuffed chicken breasts came from a recipe I discovered at

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Ingredients included chicken breasts (obviously), bacon, mushrooms and spinach.

First, I baked up the bacon in the oven until it reached desired crispiness — about 10 – 15 minutes at about 350-375 degrees.


Then, I sliced and sauteed red onion and mushrooms — sauteeing them in butter, and eventually adding in fresh spinach, covering the pan and allowing the spinach to wilt.


20130727_213433I chopped up the bacon and added it to the cooled mushroom/onion/spinach mixture, and that was the filling for my chicken.

20130727_215433Sadly I FORGOT to include the sun-dried tomatoes that I had on hand — but they would make an EXCELLENT addition to this recipe.

Once everything was prepped, it was time to butterfly the chicken breasts.

20130727_221143Butterflying is easy.

Step-by-step directions are available via “The Lake Kitchen.”

You just take a knife and cut the chicken in half carefully — taking care not to cut all the way through the chicken.

Photo Courtesy "The Lake"

Photo Courtesy “The Lake”

You are just forming a pocket in which to place your chicken stuffing.

I had three chicken breasts, and the boyfriend took it upon himself to stuff the breasts and then secure the chicken breasts with toothpicks.

Here’s a snapshot of the boyfriend’s chicken breast, which included sharp cheddar cheese.


20130727_22152020130727_222706After we seasoned them, the stuffed chicken breasts were baked in the oven for about 30-45 minutes — or until they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

20130727_231559_2Accompanying this recipe was some simple steamed green beans.

20130727_231606Saturday Night’s Dinner was simply DIVINE! The boyfriend even commented that it’s one of the best things I have made in recent weeks.

20130728_001503Definitely going to try a stuffed chicken breast recipe again in the near future! Healthy, easy and so, so tasty!

GET THE RECIPE for Stuffed Chicken Breasts via

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