EATS!: Homemade sushi and salad for dinner

Enjoyed some delicious sushi this weekend, which inspired me to roll some up for dinner this work week!

I got three days worth of dinners out of the weekend sushi, so by Tuesday it was time to roll up some of my own for dinner!

I decided to make a more Paleo version of sushi, leaving out the rice.

I simply sliced up some cucumber and carrots ahead of time.

When it was time to build the sushi roll(s), I placed my sushi rolling mat on a cutting board, slathered some roasted red pepper hummus onto a Nori wrap (in place of the rice), and then piled on some sliced cucumber, carrots and avocado, before wrapping everything up and packing it for work.

20130723_120309 20130723_120315 20130723_120345 20130723_120623 20130723_120935

I just made one roll for Tuesday’s dinner, but I was planning on making 1-2 rolls per meal.

These rolled up pretty nicely, and it was a meal that was assembled in minutes!



On the side, I had some bagged Trader Joe’s salad with spinach, pecans, cranberries and bleu cheese, which I added some kale to.  20130722_115016


Unfortunately, all the good stuff was buried for my picture! But here’s a better one, of the same salad enjoyed this weekend!

20130719_232147_1This salad was another attempt at boosting my greens consumption this week!


The salad was served with Trader Joe’s Hummus Dressing — another recent obsession! (Not, however, 100% Paleo, sadly!)

hummus dressingOne of these days I’m going to have to make MY OWN fully-Paleo Hummus Dressing!

This week, I stuck to a veggie and fruit filled diet, with the exception of the bacon and cheese I enjoyed for lunch! Hoping to see some health benefits!

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