Daily Delicious: NO CARB pizza recipe

Why yes, I am featuring PIZZA in the “Daily Delicious” yet again!

I discovered a really amazing looking pizza recipe that is pegged as a “NO CARB” recipe posted to Facebook via TheySmell.com.

Photo Courtesy TheySmell.com

Photo Courtesy TheySmell.com

I don’t really “get” this website, but this recipe is written by a woman who has started following the Atkins Diet and then switched over to the Suzanne Somers program, which she describes in the blog post as:

  • Eliminate (added) sugar and other “funky foods” (caffeine, white flour, potatoes, nuts, and a few others)
  • Eat fruit alone and on an empty stomach
  • Eat carbs (fat/protein free) and veggies together
  • Eat fats/proteins and veggies together
  • Wait three hours to switch between carbs & fats

Obviously I’m not advocating this program, but I feel like this recipe could be an interesting semi-Paleo way to enjoy pizza!

The crust is made using CREAM CHEESE and eggs! Amazing right?

This is a no-go if you are dairy intolerant. Some people avoid dairy because they don’t believe it is Paleo. You have to know your body — and do what you do.

The eggs and cream cheese are blended with seasonings and Parmesan cheese and then baked until golden brown.

Then, sauce is added (preferably homemade) before adding toppings like pepperoni, sausage, veggies, etc. — before it is topped with cheese and baked until the cheese is melted.

My only hesitation in making this recipe is that it consists of QUITE A BIT of cheese, between the cream cheese and Parmesan cheese crust and the cheese topping the pizza.

I’m personally kind of obsessed with cheese right now — so this recipe may be dangerous!

This would definitely be one of those recipes that would need to be eaten in moderation — or even better, shared!

GET THE RECIPE via TheySmell.com.

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4 Responses to Daily Delicious: NO CARB pizza recipe

  1. Most people don’t “get” me LOL. I shall take it as a compliment. That recipe was posted in 2009 and as such was a lifetime ago from my healthy eating perspective. The recipe is still good tho – I linked to an updated version with much better pictures in the post. I now follow a sugar-free, grain-free diet which is sort of a relative of Paleo I guess but I know longer really pigeonhole myself into a “category” I focus on nutrient dense fruits & veggies and lean meats. I enjoy dairy most days tho some days it makes me bloat.

    Oh and I don’t thing there is such a thing as too much cheese LOL.

    • delongka16 says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m definitely looking forward to trying out your recipe! It’s the most creative pizza recipe I’ve found yet! 🙂

  2. Girl, this post is UNREAL! Love it. The hardest part about letting go of carbs for me was to let go of pizza… or to pay a fortune at restaurants. I REALLY like making my own pizza, so ta very much for the recipe. xxx

  3. I agree with the above, there certainly is no such thing as too much cheese! I have just started Atkins a couple of days ago, and so far, I have been eating just veggies, meat and cheese, but mostly cheese. Now I HAVE to try this pizza sometime soon…

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