“Daily Delicious:” Paleo “No Tato” Salad

Today’s “Daily Delicious” features a Paleo “No Tato” Salad — a recipe I am pondering making this weekend!

I’ve had a slight hankering for some barbecue ribs, which I haven’t made in a few weeks, and I am thinking this No Tato Salad would be a great Paleo side dish!

It’s a Paleo version of potato salad, and instead of potatoes, contains cauliflower! This recipe comes from a blog that’s new to me, PaleoGirlsKitchen.com.

Photo Courtesy PaleoGirlsKitchen.com

Photo Courtesy PaleoGirlsKitchen.com

I told you cauliflower was versatile!

Ingredients include chopped cauliflower, bacon, green onion, hard-boiled eggs, celery, Paleo mayo and seasonings, including fresh dill!

I think you could even do a variation of this salad, and add in some broccoli.

There is a delicious broccoli and cauliflower salad I frequently pick up at the deli at my grocery store when I need a quick snack. It is a cold salad with broccoli, cauliflower, bacon, cheese and mayo.

I definitely may try adding some broccoli to this recipe if I do, in fact, make it this weekend!

GET THE RECIPE via PaleoGirlsKitchen.com.

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