EATS!: Trying out a new sushi place for Saturday Night’s Dinner

The boyfriend and I decided to try out a new sushi place for dinner on Saturday night — and boy were we glad we did!

The sushi place is close to our apartment, and we’ve been talking about trying it out for months, and finally decided to give it a go on Saturday night.

The boyfriend and I each ordered two sushi rolls — the boyfriend settling on a sake maki roll, containing tempura salmon, crunch, avocado and spicy crab meat.

We each got a spider roll, containing fried soft shell crab, cucumber and special sauce.

My second maki roll was a fresh green roll, containing avocado, cucumber and asparagus.

And of course, a side of edamame.





I don’t tend to enjoy sushi in its traditional form — with raw fish. In fact, I’ve been too skirmish to even try it!

I enjoy veggie sushi, or sushi containing cooked fish — like crab or shrimp.

The sushi from this sushi place was OUTSTANDING, and not too incredibly pricey.

The nice part was that we were able to place an order to go, and pick up the sushi and enjoy it at home.

I think we’ll definitely be ordering from here again!

I actually saved a majority of my sushi to eat for dinner at work on Sunday evening — as I had a leftover stuffed burger and some leftover salad I needed to eat on Saturday night.

I had my burger with leftover sauteed mushrooms and onions, leftover salad with Trader Joe’s Hummus Dressing, and 3 pieces of sushi — one of each kind.


Saturday’s dinner inspired me to make my own, PALEO sushi for dinner this work week.

Stay tuned!

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