EATS!: A bacon experiment — bacon cooked in water

When I learned it is possible to BAKE bacon in the oven — it changed the way I make bacon, and frankly made it easier!


Now, Karen over at Living Low Carb, One Day at a Time has suggested a revolutionary bacon-cooking technique: boiling the bacon in water, for a perfect combination of crispiness and chewiness.

She suggests this method leads to “perfect” bacon:

Last weekend I decided to give it a try!

20130713_184608All you do is lay your bacon strips in a pan, being careful not to crowd the pan. Then, pour water over the bacon strips, until the bacon strips are covered.

20130713_190326Then, put a lid on your pan, and bring the water to a boil.

20130713_190706Once the water comes to a boil — it’s VERY IMPORTANT to keep a close eye on the bacon, because when the water boils out, it can burn extremely easily!

You’ll want to uncover the pan when the water boils, in order to let the rest of the water boil off. You’ll also want to reduce the heat from high to medium, so the bacon doesn’t burn.

My first try cooking bacon in water was a semi-success. I didn’t watch the pan closely enough when the water had begun to boil, and my bacon got a little crispier than I would have desired.

However, I was also using black forest bacon, which is darker when it cooks up.

20130713_191838I tasted this bacon a few days after cooking it, and it was actually delicious — maybe even better than bacon baked in the oven!

I’m definitely going to give it another try and not take my eyes off the pan! Stay tuned!

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One Response to EATS!: A bacon experiment — bacon cooked in water

  1. noodmood says:

    I may have to give this a go! I’m glad you tried it out.

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