Daily Delicious: Banana chocolate peanut butter ice cream

It’s Friday, and I’m told a cold front is expected to move through Wisconsin today — prompting storms and A BREAK FROM THE HEAT!

All week, its been in the high 80s/90s with high humidity, and the two air conditionings I have in my apartment struggled to keep up!

Definitely looking forward to what I hope is a cooler, more comfortable weekend!

I thought I’d throw ONE MORE dessert recipe into the Daily Delicious mix to finish off this work week.

This recipe would have been a PERFECT way to beat the heat this week!

Photo Courtesy fastpaleo.com

Photo Courtesy fastpaleo.com

Banana, chocolate, peanut butter ice cream from fastpaleo.com!

This recipe consists of just three ingredients: frozen bananas, cocoa powder and a nut butter of choice.

And all you need to put this together is a blender!

Mmmm this recipe looks so creamy, chocolatey and delicious — and consists of my favorite sweet ingredients — banana, chocolate and nut butters 🙂

Next time we get a heat wave — I might have to throw this recipe together and cool down with some Paleo ice cream!

GET THE RECIPE via fastpaleo.com!

P.S. — If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own, homemade ice cream, I would recommend trying Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream — made with milk and cream from GRASS-FED cows. It’s probably the best I’ve ever had!


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