Ever made your very own home-cured bacon?!

I’ve been thinking about making my own bacon because a) It would probably be the best bacon I’ve ever had, and b) I could completely control the ingredients.

However, I was turned off by what I imagined would be a lengthy and involved process.

Then, what do ya know, I spot this recipe from the Free Range Human — a blogger who has been featured here on the blog before.

The Free Range Human made the undertaking of making your own bacon a little less scary, saying: “Really, there’s no excuse not to try making your own bacon. All you need is time and an oven.”

To make your own bacon, you need a pork belly, salt, pepper and liquid smoke. That’s it!

This is a time-intensive recipe, as you have to let the pork belly cure in the refrigerator for 7-10 days before you can even think about making your homemade bacon.

Sadly I don’t have a smoker, but this recipe does have instructions for those who would prefer to smoke their bacon.

Otherwise, you can simply use an oven to crisp up your homemade bacon!

Then, all that’s left is eating it 🙂

Photo Courtesy FreeRange-Human.com

Photo Courtesy FreeRange-Human.com

This recipe does call for coconut sugar — an ingredient I haven’t been able to find anywhere near me in Wisconsin. Frankly I haven’t looked SUPER hard, so it may be out there.

Coconut sugar in this recipe is a replacement for cane sugar — which is found in a lot of store-bought bacon, even if it’s “uncured” bacon.


I tried searching online for coconut sugar and had trouble. If you can’t find it in the store, you could try searching for it online, but make sure you know what you’re buying!

When I try this recipe out, I may avoid the coconut sugar altogether, and using something like raw honey as a sweetener instead.

GET THE RECIPE for home-cured bacon via FreeRange-Human!

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