EATS!: Paleo THIN CRUST pizza!

I was STOKED to try out a recipe I found last week and featured as a “Daily Delicious” recipe on the blog last week: Paleo Thin Crust pizza!

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Photo Courtesy:

Pizza is one of those things many people report missing the most on a Paleo diet.

Obviously, the crust is the main culprit, being that it is comprised of ingredients that are not allowed on the Paleo diet (flour, specifically).

I’ve tried making Paleo pizza before — and there are a lot of options out there from creative Paleo bloggers who have tried to bring pizza back, but this recipe was the most promising I can remember seeing.

Most of my previous Paleo pizzas were made using riced cauliflower, which was blended with eggs and oil to create a cauliflower crust.

While this method did allow me to enjoy pizza on a Paleo diet, it didn’t quite hold up as well as regular pizza. I had a hard time getting the cauliflower crust to hold up when all of the toppings were piled on, and this was definitely not a pizza that could be eaten by slice, by hand, as pizzas are traditionally enjoyed.

What drew me to this recipe is the fact that it promised to lead to a pizza that could be enjoyed as pizza is meant to be enjoyed — and because it LOOKED like a real pizza.

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

I’m not going to lie — I was INCREDIBLY NERVOUS making the crust — because I SO wanted this to turn out!

I tossed 3 cups of almond meal/almond flour (they are the same thing) into a bowl with 3 eggs and whisked.



Then, I added in some dried basil and oregano, and continued whisking. The recipe said the crust should look like cookie dough consistency.

Then, I carefully spread the crust onto parchment paper on top of a round pizza pan.


This part was tough!

The sticky crust kept getting stuck to my hands. Oiling up my hands with olive oil helped, but it’s best to just take your time and spread the crust onto the pan as evenly as possible.

Then, the crust was baked for 10-15 minutes, just to get it hardened up. You’ll be baking this again when the toppings are added so don’t overdo it.


Once the crust was assembled, I let out a sigh of relief and started working on the sauce.


For the sauce, I used tomato paste, some Goya tomato sauce, some dried basil and oregano, olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar and some garlic.

All of that was whisked together with garlic and red pepper flakes, and the sauce was complete.


As for the toppings, I chose portabello mushrooms, red onion, black forest bacon, and hot Italian sausage.


I sliced up the mushrooms and onions and tossed them into a pan with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


The bacon was baked in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 350-375 degrees.




The hot Italian sausage was taken out of its casing and cooked up in a skillet until done.



Then, I assembled my pizza, layer by layer — topping the whole thing with some white queso cheese.






When assembled, the pizza was baked for an additional 10-15 minutes, until the crust was lightly browned, and the cheese was melted on top.



And the best part — you can eat this with your hands — as pizza should be enjoyed!



So if you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably wondering: how the heck is it?

I will say this: Don’t expect greasy Pizza Hut or Domino’s pizza out of this recipe. I find the almond meal to dry out the pizza a bit. I believe I may have made my crust a little thicker than necessary (as I used 3 cups of almond meal and 3 eggs, vs. 2 cups of almond meal and 2 eggs, as the recipe called for).

I find it tastes better when the pizza is at room temperature (vs. steaming hot out of the microwave), and also that it helps to have a dipping sauce to cut through the dryness.

I made a dressing to go with my Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower lunch that was literally just Greek yogurt and bleu cheese — and I ended up using some of that as a dip for my pizza. Marinara would probably work as well!

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