EATS!: Saturday Night’s Chicken Dinner

Saturday was all about running errands and getting things ready for the upcoming work week.

We first made a stop at the new Alterra coffee shop just down the street from our apartment. We’ve watched this thing get built, and didn’t know what it was going to be until it was complete!

CNI wnt_ALTERRA6_0704_PZ_MThere, I got an Americano and mixed in some half+half. It was probably the best Americano I’ve ever had!

Then, it was time for errands, including returning a few items, picking up a new toy and some treats for Hatchet, and even getting a new Betta fish for our fish tank.


Once we dropped the fish and other stuff off at home and took Hatchet out, it was time for grocery shopping — and then Saturday night was spent cooking up the meals for the upcoming work week, blogging and getting prepared for my Monday.

Saturday Night’s Dinner was put together almost entirely by the boyfriend.

We picked up some swiss cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breasts and baked those up in the oven, and then deep-fried some buffalo chicken wings.




Corn on the cob baked in butter and seasonings was the side dish.








It was a delicious, no fuss, home-cooked meal and a great way to end the weekend!

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