Daily Delicious: Almond Fudge Pops!

It was hot and humid this weekend, and we’re looking to have temperatures in the high 80s/90s this work week, with more humidity — so with all the heat, these Almond Fudge Pops courtesy of Paleo Dieting would TOTALLY hit the spot right about now!

Photo Courtesy Paleo Dieting

Photo Courtesy Paleo Dieting

This weekend, I was sitting outside enjoying the gorgeous weather with Hatchet, when a group of children who were outside playing at the apartment next door came over and asked if they could pet him.

All of the children were enjoying delicious looking fudge pops, and I almost traded Hatchet for one of them! (Just kidding!)

I would be willing to bet THESE fudge pops are much healthier than the fudge pops the kids were eating.

These delicious summer treats contain just four ingredients: almond butter, cocoa powder, coconut milk and honey.

I happen to have three of the ingredients on hand at home currently — DANGEROUS, I know!

I’m definitely going to have to give these babies a try before summer is over! I think they’d be an extremely delicious way to cool down 🙂

GET THE RECIPE via PaleoDieting.com.

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