Friday Night’s Dinner: A Seafood FEAST!

So, SO many chores to do on Friday I neglected the blog. 9 loads of laundry, cleaning and re-assembling the guinea pig cage, piggy baths, taking care of Hatchet, picking up the apartment, taking Hatchet to his vet appointment and trying to figure out Friday night’s dinner — BUT I got it all done — and that’s the important part!

As for Friday night, we had to take Hatchet to the vet, and unfortunately our appointment time was for 4:30 p.m. — and the vet is located a half-hour away from our apartment.

We were leaving during the height of rush hour, and were running late as it is due to the boyfriend getting off work later than anticipated. Hatchet wasn’t amused.

hatchetHowever, we made it to the vet appointment, and then wove through traffic again and managed to make it to our favorite seafood retailer, Empire Fish Company. We got there in the NICK of time — 5:50 (and they close at 6!)


Friday Night’s Dinner was up to and courtesy of the boyfriend. He selected some whitefish filets that I had recommended (they were on sale), some snow crab claws and some snow crab clusters.


Then, we went to another grocery store and happened to find some snow crab clusters that were only $4, so we picked those up to toss into our crab boil.

Friday Night’s Dinner was deep-fried whitefish filets with old-bay seasoning, and egg dredge and flour coating (non-Paleo), a snow crab boil with a special crab boil seasoning that came in tea bag packets, and some lemon/lime/dill jasmine rice — with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce for dipping.

prepsFor the whitefish, we used a Panko breading. Not at all Paleo, but I recently learned Kikkoman is a Wisconsin company!


No, this meal was not 100% Paleo — but sometimes, you just need a delicious fish dinner with your boyfriend and some wine on a gorgeous, Friday night!

For the crab boil, we used a packaged, shrimp/crab boil seasoning contained in packets that resembled tea bags. And fresh lemon.





My job was putting together the lemon/lime/dill jasmine rice.


For this, I boiled the jasmine rice, juiced a lemon and a lime and tossed that juice with the rice, then tossed in some dill and some frozen peas and this was the side dish.

rice and lemon


Here are some snapshots:

fish prepped

finished fish

fish and crab finished


It was mostly sunny and about 70-80 Friday, with low dewpoints so it was a PERFECT summer night!

We enjoyed a night sitting outside with Hatchet — though he didn’t feel too well after getting two shots at the vet! 😦



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