What’s Ta Eat next week?! Meal prep PREVIEW!

Yikes! So many chores to do on Friday I neglected the blog. 9 loads of laundry, cleaning and re-assembling the guinea pig cage, piggy baths, taking care of Hatchet, picking up the apartment, taking Hatchet to his vet appointment and trying to figure out Friday night’s dinner — BUT I got it all done…and now it’s time to plan next week’s meals!

As for Friday night, we had to take Hatchet to the vet, and unfortunately our appointment time was for 4:30 p.m. — and the vet is located a half-hour away from our apartment.

We were leaving during the height of rush hour, and were running late as it is due to the boyfriend getting off work later than anticipated. Hatchet wasn’t amused.

hatchetHowever, we made it to the vet appointment, and then wove through traffic again and managed to make it to our favorite seafood retailer, Empire Fish Company. We got there in the NICK of time — 5:50 (and they close at 6!)

empire fish


Thus, the boyfriend planned Friday’s dinner while I sat in the car with Hatchet.


The preliminary plan was to deep fry some whitefish filets, which were on sale at Empire. The boyfriend also picked up some snow crab claws and snow crab clusters that we were planning to boil with some crab boil seasoning.

My part of the meal was to involve making a lemon/lime/dill jasmine rice with peas to serve as a side.


We also picked up some corn on the cob, though it was unclear when we would eat that.

We also have some shrimp on hand, and the intention was to boil that up and serve it with some cocktail sauce.

It was to be a fantastic seafood dinner after a busy week/day — to be enjoyed after a gorgeous day/evening with some wine 🙂

Saturday’s meals are TBD as of Friday night.

As for next week…

For my work week lunch, I plan on making Buffalo Chicken Roasted Cauliflower, based on a recipe from Closet Cooking, for Buffalo Roasted Cauliflower.

Photo Courtesy ClosetCooking.com

Photo Courtesy ClosetCooking.com

This cauliflower recipe is intended to mirror buffalo chicken, and can even be served with ranch or bleu cheese dressing — preferably homemade and/or Paleo.

cauliflower2This recipe calls for my FAVORITE hot sauce — Frank’s Red Hot! I even have a giant container of Frank’s in my fridge!

franksOther than that, just simple ingredients: cauliflower, Frank’s, oil/butter, s+p and the dressing, of course.

I am considering making a sort of bleu cheese dressing using Greek yogurt and bleu cheese with spices.

We’ll see how it turns out!

Dinner for the work week shall be a recipe I featured this past week as a “Daily Delicious” recipe — Paleo THIN CRUST pizza.

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

I am so excited for this recipe, and I HOPE it turns out!

The thin crust is made with almond meal, eggs and olive oil (and spices), the sauce is homemade, and the toppings are TBD!

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

I’m hoping to have a big enough pizza to last me one or two slices per night. And this will be a SUPER EASY recipe to pack up for work!

Stay tuned!

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