Mashable highlights “10 Foods to Scare the Paleo out of You”

A great article from Mashable — and the headline drew me in!

“10 Foods to Scare the Paleo out of You!” features items like mac ‘n cheese stuffed garlic bread to pasta-topped pizza.

The thing that sticks out the most to me is how devoid of color most of these foods are! White, yellow and tan.

sandwichAnd then there’s this — healthy food representing the colors of the rainbow.

healthy foodHealthy food just LOOKS better for you!

The article says these 10 foods are bound to put you into a food coma — DUH! They’re sugar, topped or stuffed with sugar, which causes an insulin spike and drop — leading you to pass out after stuffing yourself with these foods vs. having sustained and long-term energy.

Enjoy this carb porn, and be happy it’s on your computer screen and not in your stomach!

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