Daily Delicious: Almond flour THIN CRUST pizza

At work I worked on a story involving a mother duck who has set up shop (and her nest) feet away from a busy Domino’s Pizza restaurant.

This got some of us in the newsroom to talking about when we last ordered pizza, and got me to thinking about when I last MADE pizza. And let me just say — it’s been a hot minute!

A couple hours later, I came across THIS RECIPE for Paleo THIN CRUST pizza that looks so ridiculously amazing!

The thing about Paleo pizza is that its a somewhat challenging recipe to tackle — the crust being the hardest, in my opinion.

Obviously, you’re not using regular flour and other regular ingredients that lead to that beautiful pizza crust.

However, there are a lot of options when it comes to making your own Paleo pizza crust, including crust made out of cauliflower, crust made out of things like almond or coconut flour and making a crust out of meat — commonly referred to the Meatzza in the Paleo-sphere.

Meatzza Courtesy Stuff I Make My Husband

Meatzza Courtesy Stuff I Make My Husband

I’ve never made a Meatzza because it just seems a little too indulgent for me and too calorie-laden, but I have attempted crusts made out of cauliflower and almond flour.

The problem with the cauliflower crust is that cauliflower is a vegetable, and thus, contains a lot of water. Therefore, it is hard to get a crispy crust consistency — and it’s next-to-impossible to actually pick up a slice of pizza and eat it as you would traditionally enjoy your slice.

This recipe just looks so unbelievable, and I was drawn to click on it and check it out because the photo showed the pizza can be eaten by slice, and by hand!

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

My Primal Adventures calls this crust the best they’ve made so far!

The crust recipe consists of just almond meal, eggs, olive oil and seasonings.

The crust is baked for about 10 minutes, and then topped with sauce and piled with toppings.

In this recipe, My Primal Adventures made homemade sauce, and topped the pizza with things like: Italian sausage, spices and cheese.

I’d have to say this is one of the best looking Paleo pizzas I’ve seen yet!

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

Photo Courtesy: MyPrimalAdventures.com

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