Daily Delicious: Turmeric rice

Rice is a bit of a controversial ingredient in the Paleo-sphere. Some people eat and encourage eating rice, while others consider it a grain and shy away from it.

On his website, MarksDailyApple.com — Paleo expert Mark Sisson says THIS about rice:

“Is white rice the proverbial black sheep of the grain family? Does it deserve our full and unwavering opposition? Or, perhaps, can we treat rice like that crazy uncle who drinks a bit too much at family gatherings – occasional visits of short duration are fine and mostly harmless so long as you keep the hard stuff (scotch/soybean oil) locked up?

I’m starting to think it’s not quite so bad as we sometimes portray it. Sure, rice is nutritionally bereft, but it’s not all that offensive when compared to other, more heavily fortified grains.”

White rice nutritional information via Mark Sisson: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/is-rice-unhealthy/#ixzz2Yb1wQsLt

Rice is something I typically avoid, but I do believe white rice can be enjoyed while following a healthy eating plan.

Obviously, I eat white rice when consuming sushi, but don’t often make dishes in which it is featured as a main ingredient.

I saw this recipe posted to Facebook via The Earth Diet — and I was intrigued.

Photo Courtesy The Earth Diet

Photo Courtesy The Earth Diet

It included turmeric — a yellow spicy similar to curry, that is said to have many health benefits.

According to TurmericHealthBenefits.org, turmeric is a spice widely used in Southeast Asia that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

According to the website, turmeric can be used to:

  • Helping with cancer
  • Lowering arthritis pain
  • Enhancing liver function
  • Healing cuts and wounds
  • Working to reduce cholesterol
  • Helping to stabilize insulin levels
  • Reducing pain caused by inflammation

I definitely wouldn’t mind serving this dish as a semi-Paleo side dish!

It has just a few real-food ingredients: rice, onion, carrots, turmeric and other spices, and olive oil.

The recipe calls for brown rice, and though most people believe brown rice is healthier than white, a commenter on the MarksDailyApple.com website said it best: “White rice, because inherently less toxic than brown rice. To get rid of the toxicity in brown rice, you’ve gotta do some work: soaking/sprouting, and so on. Similar actions need to be taken with phytic acid heavy food.”

It’s technical and complicated, and I’m not a nutritionist — I just know most of the Paleos that eat rice, choose white rice over brown.

This recipe can also be pulled together rather quickly, as the hardest part is cooking up the rice!

GET THE RECIPE via The Earth Diet!

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