EATS!: Paleo Chicken Salad!

THIS RECIPE caught my eye last week, and I decided this would serve as my lunch this work week — a Mediterranean Paleo Chicken Salad!

I based my recipe off the recipe from Grass Fed Girl — though I ended up with something all my own.

Photo Courtesy Grass Fed Girl

Photo Courtesy Grass Fed Girl

I am still without a food processor, so one challenge in making this recipe is that it calls for homemade, Paleo mayo — best blended up in a food processor.

Instead, I decided to try using a hand mixer as suggested in this recipe — and my mayo did not turn out at all.

Instead of an emulsion, I ended up with watery egg yolks in a bowl.

SO — I decided to scratch the mayo idea and flavor my chicken salad with some olive oil and a little dijon mustard.

Because of that, this isn’t what most would likely consider “chicken salad” — but I still enjoy this recipe, even if it could be considered a bit dry without the mayo.

My advice: If at all possible, MAKE THE MAYO.

Photo Courtesy Nom Nom Paleo

Photo Courtesy Nom Nom Paleo

This recipe was pretty easy to pull together. I picked up a crap-ton of chicken because I wanted to save some of it for this work week’s dinner (Shredded chicken spring rolls).

I put the chicken in the slow cooker and cooked it on high for a few hours. (Feel free to go take a nap while it cooks — that’s what I did!)

P.S. — If you want to be 100% Paleo and make this the best meal possible (and if you can afford it) — procure some PASTURED chicken. This I did not do for this recipe 😦

20130706_143215 (1)

20130706_215255 (1)

Then, I sliced up two red onions (you can use more or less depending on your preference), and some cilantro (again, add as much as you’d like).

20130706_213603 (1)

I tossed everything together, and added some olive oil and dijon — and made sure everything was well-blended.

20130706_213625 (1)

Then, this baby went into the fridge and was ready to be packed for lunch at work!

20130706_225928 (1)

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