EATS!: Friday Night’s Dinner – Brats & bacon-wrapped asparagus!

I worked through the Fourth of July holiday this past week, and decided that with all the grilling going on — I would choose a truly summery dish for Friday Night’s Dinner — choosing brats and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

However, I didn’t cook anything on the grill! Technically I don’t have a grill right now. I used to have a tailgating grill, but this grill matched that of the downstairs neighbors, and when they moved out, they snatched my grill — and left the other grill, which is broken.

Instead, I boiled the brats in beer for about a half hour (my preferred brat-cooking method!) — and while the brats were boiling away, I prepped the bacon-wrapped asparagus.

20130705_191716I was unimpressed with the asparagus I was able to grab from the grocery store this week. Instead of 8-10 thick stalks, I got about 40 tiny stalks in each bushel of asparagus, so I had to wrap about 8 stalks in each piece of bacon.

20130705_190121It was relatively good — but parts of the asparagus weren’t as tender as I would have liked them to be, however, I pulled the pan from the oven when the bacon was finished, because I didn’t want anything to burn.

But NOTE TO SELF & OTHERS: Look for the thick stalks of asparagus that can be wrapped individually or in pairs, or maybe groups of three, for a better end result.

We didn’t end up eating dinner until late, as we had plans on Friday night — so I cooked everything up in the early evening and it was reheated when it was time to eat.



Everything was great — with the exception of the asparagus that wasn’t quite tender enough, and next time I’m going to make sure to get some better-quality beer for my brat boiling! I like a rich beer flavor when I bite into my brats!


Pictured above: brats, bacon-wrapped asparagus, dipping sauce (consisting of homemade BBQ sauce I had on hand, and some pickle relish) with a NorCal Margarita.

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