Daily Delicious: Caramelized banana shakes

There is something so “summer” about bananas and banana milkshakes! This is all I have been craving lately!

I saw this fantastic looking recipe via a Facebook post from FreeRange Human.

Photo Courtesy FreeRange-Human.com

Photo Courtesy FreeRange-Human.com

The great thing about this recipe is that like it says on FreeRange-Human.com, it works well for breakfast/brunch, snacks and even dessert.

It also consists of simple ingredients: banana, sunflower seed butter (tahini) or another nut/seed butter, coconut milk and cinnamon.

The recipe also calls for coconut sugar and grass-fed butter. I am assuming this is what makes the banana shakes caramelized, but these ingredients are optional in my opinion.

If you’re using the coconut sugar and butter, melt the two together in a sauce pan and then toss in the banana to caramelize it. Then, toss the bananas with the other ingredients into a blender and serve or chill.

I think a banana milkshake or smoothie is the best way to rehydrate and refuel on a hot, summer day (or night!)

GET THE RECIPE via The FreeRange Human!

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