My idea of a perfect Paleo summer picnic/cookout!

Many celebrate the Fourth of July by grilling out, and spending as much time as possible outside!

grilling out
Fortunately, even if following the Paleo diet — you can still enjoy a great summer cookout!

The Fourth of July got me thinking about what I’d make to enjoy for a summer cookout. First, I’d need to pick up a new grill!

First, I would grill up some bison burgers — maybe even stuffing them with some avocado and/or cheese!

Grilled patty
bison burger2Then, I’d load them up with toppings, to include bacon, lettuce, tomato, maybe some Paleo mayo, maybe some good-quality raw or grass-fed cheese, some dijon, and some pickles!

avo burger
The burger is the star of my cookout — which is why I’m choosing bison — the best meat on the planet in my personal opinion!

Of course, you could substitute beef, turkey, etc. — whatever you like best will suffice!

grilled veggies
Next up — grilled veggies! I’m not sure vegetables taste better prepared any other way — and preparing them is SO easy! Just coat them with olive oil or coconut oil and grill until they reach the desired consistency.

coleslawAs a side dish, I would choose to make up a “Classic Coleslaw Salad” I recently discovered via Healthy Living How-To.

This recipe is described as: a combination of apple cider vinegar and the natural sweetness from the added apple makes it the perfect sweet and sour salad to complement your grilled burgers and brats.

paleo mayoThe dressing is Paleo mayo and ACV — which makes it a healthy Paleo side dish.


As an additional side, and to increase the veggie quotient — I might opt to make some bacon-wrapped asparagus, which is ridiculously divine!

I was curious as to whether this recipe could be grilled — and found this recipe that suggests that yes — these can be made on the grill or in the oven!

noral marg1Of course, we need something to wash this all down with — and for that, I choose a Paleo NorCal Margarita!

norcal margA NorCal Margarita is simply tequila with lime juice and/or soda water. When I make mine, I use tap water instead of soda water — but if you like the carbonation, soda/selzer water is a good option.

NorCal Margaritas are the perfect summer drink, and I think the slightly sweet lime flavor would be a perfect complement to the grilled flavor of the cookout dishes.

After all that, if I managed to somehow still have room for dessert, I would indulge in a Paleo banana pudding — like this from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations: almond butter banana pudding.

almond butter puddingI feel like this would be a light dessert, and would be nice and cool and refreshing on a hot summer day!

What’s on your picnic table?

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