Making my comeback to the blog SOON!

Wondering where I’ve been? I decided to take a break from the blog for a week because I am still dealing with this stubborn and painful burn on my thumb.

boo boo



This weekend will mark two weeks since the burn, and things are improving — so I’m hoping to get back into the kitchen for more cooking and blogging by this weekend!

In the meantime — I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been eating!

For breakfast/lunch this week, I re-purposed last week’s breakfast/lunch recipe because I happened to have nearly all of the ingredients for salsa baked eggs on hand — and it was something I could throw together in the afternoon before heading to work.


For dinner, I am keeping things simple this week — with a no-cooking-required recipe.


I picked up some ham, pastrami, salami and prosciutto from Trader Joe’s, and baked up some bacon, and made a sort of deli meat rollup, and served it up with half an avocado and some dijon mustard.

20130703_122409I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes this weekend to enjoy next week! Stay tuned!

MEANWHILE, check out what I was able to cook this past weekend — even with a sore thumb!




rice and chix.jpg


bacon (1)

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