EATS!: Work week dinner: Ina Garten’s “Sausage and Grapes”

This recipe didn’t go as well as I had planned :/

I pictured this recipe as an easy one to prepare, but one that required a bit of actual “cooking,” and patience, and nourishing as it cooked, and attention — all things on my mind as of late.

And, it required a whole FOUR ingredients:

  • sausage (I picked up a package of hot chicken sausage and turkey sausage)
  • grapes (I picked up a bag of red and green seedless grapes)
  • butter
  • dry, red wine (I used Chianti)

sausage and grapes

Photo Courtesy Ina Garten

Photo Courtesy Ina Garten

For this recipe, I first boiled the sausages in a big pot of water for about 8-10 minutes.

boiling sausage

While the sausages boiled, I pulled the grapes from their vines, and poured them into a saute pan with a stick of butter.



I let everything saute over medium heat, stirring with a wooden spoon.

I let that saute for a few minutes, and then poured in some Chianti.


Then, when the sausages were done boiling, I used tongs to transfer the sausages to the saute pan.


MY PROBLEM was I overloaded my pan, as I tend to do!

final plate

I covered everything in foil, and placed it in a HOT HOT HOT oven, 500 degrees!

It was supposed to roast for a full 30 minutes, but it was pulled out at the 15 minute mark, at which point I burned my thumb and dropped the pan — creating a MESS OF A KITCHEN!

boo boo

I cleaned up the mess, and let the pan cool before placing it in the refrigerator overnight.

I put the pan in the fridge overnight, and put it back on the stove on Sunday morning — just to make sure everything was nicely heated up and cooked.


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