Daily Delicious: Coconut-basil sweet potato fries

It has been eons since I made sweet potato fries!

I tend to shy away from sweet potatoes because of the high carb count. They are a great post-workout food — but because I don’t exercise, I tend to stick to vegetables with a lower carb/calorie count.

However, I do love me some sweet potatoes — especially in fry form!

Photo Courtesy The Earth Diet

Photo Courtesy The Earth Diet

This recipe comes courtesy The Earth Diet.

The recipe calls for just FOUR ingredients: sweet potato, coconut oil, fresh basil and shredded coconut.

sweet potatobasilcoconut

You could also add Himalayan sea salt and/or any other spices you’d like.

These babies can be cooked on a frying pan on the stove, or baked in the oven at about 350 degrees for about 15 minutes to a half-hour, or until the fries are to the desired crispness.

GET THE RECIPE via The Earth Diet.

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