EATS!: Non-Paleo boyfriend’s fried chicken tenders

DISCLAIMER: This is by NO MEANS Paleo in any way, shape or form.

The non-Paleo boyfriend last week made his homemade chicken tenders! I work second shift, so he eats dinner by himself most days — so the Paleo/non-Paleo thing works — even though I’d LOVE to convert him!

This is a recipe he falls back on from time-to-time, and I decided to feature it on the blog for those of us with non-Paleo boyfriends or loved ones in our lives.

This is a pretty simple recipe to make.

The boyfriend got a deep fryer from me for Christmas (worst gift EVER!) and uses it to make recipes like this.

The chicken breasts were sliced into strips, and then dipped into flour with your choice of seasonings.


Then, the chicken strips are dipped into a mixture of egg and milk — before it is dipped into bread crumbs (Panko makes for the crispiest tenders!).


Then, the chicken strips are dropped into a deep fryer and fried at 375 degrees until golden brown.

chicken tenders.jpg

It really is that simple!

On the side, the boyfriend had a frozen cheesy broccoli/pasta dish that was microwaved.

I think this is a perfect recipe for boyfriends — because it is easy yet homemade, and deep fried — which the guys love!

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