ARTICLE: Processed Foods Companies Try to Convince You Are Natural

An article I found this week on Yahoo Finance:

“A recent Associated Press story revealed how companies are fighting to make their foods appear more natural.

“Food companies are responding to the adage that people eat with their eyes,” writes Candice Choi at the AP. “Americans still love their fast food and packaged snacks, but they’re increasingly turning their noses up at foods that look overly processed.”

Companies have responded by developing technology and preparation methods designed to make packaged food seem natural.”

From Yahoo Finance, here are some examples of what food companies are doing to try to convince you foods and ingredients are “natural.”

1) Domino’s asks workers not to make the rectangles on its “artisan” pizzas too perfect.

The dough is the same as is used on other pizzas.

dominos2) McDonald’s makes the “Egg White Delight” sandwich’s egg look jagged and irregular to make it seem more wholesome than the regular Egg McMuffin.

egg white delight3) Kraft Foods took two years to develop the technology to make turkey from its “carving board” line look uneven.

turkey4) Wendy’s softened the edges of its burger patties to make them seem less processed. The square burger patty is supposed to make people believe the beef is fresher.

wendys5) Subway’s “oven-roasted” chicken comes to stores cooked. It is injected with water, fillers and preservatives, and is soaked in hot water to thaw before it hits the bread for your sandwich.

chicken teryaki6) Hillshire Farm added caramel coloring to the edges of its turkey to give the impression it was sliced from a Thanksgiving roast.

hillshire-farm-turkey.png7) McDonald’s has four shapes it uses for its chicken nuggets. The bone, ball, bell and boot shapes make people feel they’re getting variety.

nuggets8) Many burger patties arrive at fast food restaurants with the grill marks already charred on in a factory. Workers reheat the burgers on a grill to thaw before serving.

burger9) Burger King’s “Tendergrill Chicken Breast Fillet” has dozens of ingredients including “chicken powder,” caramel coloring and preservatives.

burger kingThis article drew a lot of reaction on Yahoo — leading to nearly 700 comments from readers.

One person shared: “There is no shortage of ignorant, convenience-driven consumers out there – which is why the processed/prepackaged food and ‘restaurant’ food industries are booming. Most people simply don’t worry about their health until it fails them.”

Kris added: “Please keep doing more news articles on subjects like this. I sincerely want more Americans to open their eyes to what big corporations are doing to this country.”

Another reader said: “Two years to find a way to make packaged turkey look uneven? How much money do they waste thinking up this garbage when they could be producing more food?”

Scooter added: “The point is, no company is going to make you fresh natural food. “Shelf life” and “healthy-natural food” almost never go hand in hand.”

What are your thoughts?

CHECK OUT the article and discussion via Yahoo Finance.

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