EATS: Lazy, easy, healthy cooking! Meal-prep PREVIEW!

Not gonna lie — feeling blah right now. Stressed out over the puppy…the piggies…and on top of things — my boss was on vacation this week — and I REALLLLLLLY wanted to do a good job when he was gone because I feel like I have been sucking lately!

Now, it is my Friday (Thursday night) — and I feel good about this week. Despite everything — hopefully I did a good job!

*Deep breath…*

It’s Meal/Cookup Prep Time, and to be honest, I don’t want to cook. We all have these moments where it’s tough to find the motivation.

Honestly, I’m so tired, I just want to sleep all weekend (which I most likely will!)

Therefore, I’m going to try to stick to a simple recipe for next week’s meals — yet still focusing on being as healthy as possible!

I saw THIS RECIPE this week while watching Food Network as I was getting ready this morning via “Barefoot Contessa” and Ina Garten — one of my favorite Food Network shows!


If you haven’t seen Ina’s show, I would recommend it! She’s an Italian cook, so she likes her pasta, but she makes A LOT of things that either are Paleo, or can easily be made Paleo!

She also has her own garden where she grows a lot of the ingredients used in her cooking, along with fresh herbs, and she makes an effort to shop local — which is a “thumbs up” in my book.

inaIt sounds odd — but it’s Paleo, involves a handful of ingredients and is something to nourish as it cooks, as it has a long cooking time.

I am THINKING/CONSIDERING making this sausage/grapes into cabbage rolls! And maybe slow-cooking everything and making some sort of sauce.

Cabbage rolls via ME

Cabbage rolls via ME

Nervous but excited to maybe make this recipe my own!

This will serve as next week’s Dinner@Work.

As for breakfast, I want something I can pack up and eat quickly at work, because with the puppy, I haven’t had time to eat breakfast at home.

I decided upon quiche, because it is SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY, and I can make up a pan of quiche and slice it every morning and pack it up to eat at work.

Quiche via ME

Quiche via ME

I happen to have some shrimp on hand, so I am hoping to incorporate that in some way.

Otherwise, this will just be filled with veggies.

I happen to have an excess of eggs on hand, so it will be nice to use them up!


I might make a smoothie and keep it REALLY simple and healthy!

smoothieAs for this weekend…

I happen to have quite a bit of chili leftover from the work week — as well as greens (collards and kale) — so I’m hoping to snack on that this weekend.

I’m also CONSIDERING making THIS RECIPE I featured on “Daily Delicious” this week — but I’m afraid it won’t last long!

(Photo Courtesy

(Photo Courtesy

Cheers to the weekend!!!

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