Daily Delicious: Bacon fried rice

Fried rice was on my mind when I was making my meal plans last week — and I decided to cook it up for Friday Night’s Dinner.

Instead of rice, which is “not allowed” on the Paleo diet — though it is one of those things some still eat on the Paleo diet — I had intended on substituting cauliflower.

Because I am without a food processor, I steamed and then mashed the cauliflower, instead of “ricing” it raw in the food processor — which led to a more mashed potato like consistency — so I went with the flow and just changed the recipe title to shrimp and grits.

When I saw THIS recipe for Bacon Fried Rice I was immediately intrigued — and suddenly wished I would have come upon this recipe before Friday!

Photo Courtesy Better with Bacon

Photo Courtesy Better with Bacon

And of course, this recipe was posted to a blog entitled “Better with Bacon.”

This recipe could be made with cauliflower rice or regular rice — I’m sure it would be outstanding either way!

Excited to make this one the next time I’m in the mood for some fried rice!

Because, as they say — everything is better with bacon!


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2 Responses to Daily Delicious: Bacon fried rice

  1. chefman316 says:

    Take a look on my blog for my recipe for Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger Crusted Filet…I think you will enjoy! http://www.nerdsteak.com

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