EATS!: Saturday Night’s Dinner: “Beasty” BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Saturday Night’s Dinner was easy — because the slow cooker did ALL the hard work — which gave me a lot more free time to play with the puppy, and get in a nap on Saturday afternoon!

puppy on grass

My grocery store happened to have a sale on baby back ribs this weekend. The pork baby back ribs were on sale for $2.99 a pound. When I arrived at the store on Friday afternoon — there were only two racks left! So I snatched them up!

I was super excited to come upon a recipe from one of my Paleo blogger idols — George at Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. He doesn’t know who I am, but I follow his blog, his Facebook page and his Twitter page, and I admire his creativity in the kitchen, his amazing food photography, and the fact that he seems like one of the kindest, most generous and most genuine people — a type of person you don’t find much these days :/

FOLLOW HIM! Trust me, you will want to make ALL. OF. HIS. RECIPES.

I based my baby back ribs recipe off of George’s recipe for “Beasty BBQ Baby Back Ribs!”

The ribs would be dry rubbed, refrigerated overnight, and then slow cooked for at least 8 hours before they are slathered with homemade “Beasty BBQ Sauce.”

For the ribs — I took each rack and sliced the ribs down so that they would fit inside the slow cooker.

rib rack

ribs sliced

Then, in a bowl, I put together the dry rub.

George’s recipe calls for paprika, s&p, garlic powder, onion powder and cayenne. I have a collection of spices in my kitchen — so I just grabbed what I thought would be tasty. Use whatever you like!

I organized the ribs in the slow cooker, and put the lid on, and put everything in the fridge overnight to let the flavors meld. George recommends wrapping the ribs tightly in plastic — but I somehow missed that detail!


On Saturday afternoon, I pulled the slow cooker from the fridge, and turned it on low. The ribs simmered away for the next 8+ hours.

I set the slow cooker on “Warm” for the last hour — and then pulled the plug to let everything cool.

Before serving, it was time to put together the “Beasty” BBQ Sauce!

I sliced up 4 tomatoes, 1 white onion and some garlic, and then tossed in a can of tomato paste, some ACV, some dijon, some evoo, and then some seasonings. I made mine spicy!

bbq veg

bbq in pan

I let everything simmer over medium heat, stirring frequently.

Then, I put the heat on low and uncovered the pan.

Eventually, I turned off the heat, and let everything cool — before tossing the mixture into the blender. I added about a spoonful of organic, raw honey for a little sweetness. George’s recipe calls for a can of pineapple which I’m sure would be amazing!


Then, my BBQ sauce was done! I ended up having enough to fill about 2 mason jars.

bbq sauce

For a side dish — I roasted some carrots I happened to have on hand — another recipe idea I got from George at Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. Unfortunately, since this was a last-minute-add, I did not happen to have any fresh dill on hand.


And Saturday Night’s Dinner was complete!

ribs finished

finished ribs with bbq

rib dinner

Also on hand on Saturday was my Weekly Cookup — prepping my meals for this upcoming work week — which starts bright and early on Sunday morning because I am filling in for my boss who is off all this week. The last time he was off, we had major breaking news — SO hopefully this week goes well!

I chopped up a bunch of veg. for a slow cooker chili I am going to let simmer away in my slow cooker overnight Saturday — to be ready to serve as my work-week dinner.

chili veg

The slow cooker is sure getting a workout this weekend!

I also set aside some veggies for omelets for this work week’s breakfasts. I have eggs, and I plan on making 2-egg omelets with veg. and serving sauerkraut on the side.

Sunday’s breakfast, however, will be leftovers, as I have a couple things I need to finish up and get out of the fridge!

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