PUPPY UPDATE: He remains nameless, but he is here

The boyfriend and I have decided upon a deadline of Saturday, June 15th to agree upon a name for this puppy.

The problem is, the #1 name he likes is a name that I came up with, a name the represents something important to me, and a name that I want to name MY dog and/or my first-born child (if it ever comes to be.)

SO, needless to say, the puppy is not yet named.

HOWEVER, he is just about the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!


AND, thus far, after about 12 hours of him being “home” — he has been SO RIDICULOUSLY well-behaved!

**And here I go jinxing myself….

He hasn’t barked once.

Yes, he chews things, but we listen when we say “No.”

He is the most laid back puppy I’ve ever seen.


He loves everyone and everything.


He is somewhat nice to the piggies.

puppy and craigslist

He knows where his food/water is and picks up after himself.

He likes/sleeps in his beds.


He LOVES to snuggle.

He gets along with other dogs (at least, A.’s mom’s 4 dogs).

He has done nothing but impress me in this first day of having him home — and I was VERY HESITANT and almost resistant to him.


I’m still worried — but hoping this little guy brings nothing but good things and happiness to our home.

And, it was great to see the boyfriend so happy 🙂

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