FRIDAY NIGHT’S DINNER: Asian shrimp & grits…of sorts

I was very distracted by a certain tiny being that came into my life today!

The boyfriend’s puppy finally came home! He was nameless for the first 24 hours we had him — and though I was incredibly anxious and worried about this — it is going SURPRISINGLY WELL so far (ANNNND I just jinxed myself…most likely).


ANYWAYS, distractions aside, I needed to eat on Friday night.

That meant grocery shopping and errand running on Friday afternoon.

Three grocery store trips and I was done! (HOPEFULLY!)

I balanced my grocery list against Thursday night’s Cookup Preview POST!

For Friday night, I had intended on making a shrimp fried rice with riced cauliflower — but I am without a food processor :/

I decided to steam the head of cauliflower (in salted, boiling water) and then had hoped to take a hand mixer to it, or just a fork and “rice” it — but it turned out to be more of a “mashed potatoes” consistency.

Whenever things don’t turn out the way I intend in the kitchen — I try to get creative and see if there is any way for me to make the recipe at least edible — if not presentable.

I decided to change this recipe to “Asian Shrimp and Grits.” I think the name fits!

First up, was prepping the cauliflower and getting it dropped into boiling, salted water. I tried to break up the cauli. the best I could — chopping off the leaves and as much stem as I could — before placing it in the pot of boiling water for what I’d estimate was 20 mins.

**If you’re looking to make “riced cauliflower” — dice your cauli. and then pulse in the food processor until it’s rice consistency. I’ve also heard of doing it up in the microwave.

Then, it was time to chop some veg. I picked portabella mushrooms, red onion and leeks.


Leeks are a complicated vegetable to work with if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I use the “leaves” of the leeks I purchase — though when watching Food Network I notice a lot of the chefs using just the stalk. I don’t want it to go to waste and I feel the whole vegetable is great — so I just use it in dishes until it’s gone.

It is important to wash the leeks because they contain a lot of sand. Do not overlook this step!


Then, I just sliced them up!

I diced the onions and portabellas — and then sauteed them with sesame oil (my current obsession #1) and a bit of olive oil.


I added 3 eggs — just incorporated, and let everything cook for a few minutes.

Then, I tossed in the drained and smashed cauliflower, adding — roasted red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, Tamari (soy-sauce like, and gluten free! my current obsession #2).


I let everything cook in the pan, stirring frequently until the flavors had melded (about 5 mins.)

Meanwhile, I cooked up some raw shrimp — just tossing them in a pot of boiling water for about 2 minutes.

Then, I peeled and deveined them, and they were ready to go. I cooked up about 8 shrimp for two servings (4 each).


Next, I steamed some fresh green beans after trimming the ends for about 10 minutes, or until desired tendency. These were just boiled in salted water, covered. Taste them and make sure they are done!

green beans

Upon assembly, I scooped some Asian cauli. “mashed potatoes” — topped it with some microwave-steamed peas and carrots — topped that with my Asian sauteed veggies — and topped THAT with shrimp.

The green beans were enjoyed as a side dish.

A healthy, low-fuss, easy to prepare Friday Night Dinner!

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