EATS: Heading into the kitchen! Meal-prep PREVIEW!

On Friday, June 14th — the boyfriend’s puppy comes home. It’s a shiba inu pure bred puppy — yet to be named.

Needless to say, I’ve been freaking out all week. It’s akin to “nesting” for pregnant mothers.

I deep cleaned every room of our apartment (five rooms in all), cleaned the guinea pig cage, gave all three piggies a bath, did laundry, the bf and I rearranged the bedroom, took out the trash/recycling on multiple occasions, rearranged the living room, planned some furniture we are going to donate/get ride of, tried to make SOME room in our tiny apartment for the puppy, worked at least 40 hours each (and a tough week it was, for both of us!) — and tried to keep our sanity!

MEANWHILE, I had to plan a freaking meal plan for this weekend and next week! Not to mention, my grocery shopping trip!

I decided that since I am experiencing a lot of anxiety right now — I would try to up my protein this next week as an experiment. We shall see how I feel after eating on this plan next week.

If it doesn’t go well — I can obviously make adjustments!

Here’s the meal plan as of early Friday morning, June 14th (prior to my grocery trip):

Cauliflower shrimp/crab fried rice (based upon THIS recipe via

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

And then there’s THIS RECIPE, via Nom Nom Paleo 🙂 It’s Whole30 approved!

Perhaps some raw veggie spring rolls on the side?

BBQ ribs (hopefully cooked in the slow cooker and prepped Friday night) via THIS RECIPE from George at

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

VEGGIES — TBD (Thinking of something to saute or roast…)
Salad — Thinking a simple kale/collards salad with an oil/vinegar dressing


Veggie omelette — 2 egg omelette (because I already have a dozen eggs on hand) with veggies TBD!

Maybe some probiotic sauerkraut on the side?

Bacon, bison/lamb, grass-fed beef veggie chili

In the mood for chili for some reason! I plan on making this really meaty — with vegetables TBD — aka whatever I can find at the grocery store!

It’s the weekend again! And it’s been a week! And it’ll be a weekend with a new puppy! Yikes!

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