The “Daily Delicious”: The boyfriend’s dinner this week

DISCLAIMER: This is not, by ANY MEANS even REMOTELY Paleo. Or healthy. I ate NONE of it. I won one battle HA!

This was the boyfriend’s dinner one night this week:

pigs blanket pillsbury

Homemade pigs ‘n a blanket — fried in the deep fryer I bought him for Christmas (Worst. Christmas. Gift. Ever.)

I give him props for making them himself! And they were beautiful!

Three ingredients: Lil Smokies Cheddar (beef, pork and turkey), Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (A. used “Butter Flake”), and the deep fryer with (sigh) canola oil.

One day I will convert this man into at least SEMI Paleo! πŸ™‚

I work second shift, so UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot feed my boyfriend Paleo food during the week. However, I try to at least force him to eat his fruit and veggies on the weekends, much to his dismay I’m sure!

This is the perfect “boyfriend dinner” because it’s low-key, easy to prepare and fast cooking. Men are impatient πŸ™‚

All that’s involved is rolling the Lil Smokies into the crescent dough. You’ll have to cut the crescent dough so that it fits one Lil Smokie. OR, you can stuff multiple Lil Smokies into a larger crescent roll dough piece — go nuts!

A. did his individually — wrapping one Lil Smokie in each small piece of crescent roll dough that he just happened to cut perfectly — so none went to waste!

With a package of Lil Smokies and one roll of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, A. was able to make well over 30 pigs ‘n a blanket! That’s a lotta piggies!

THIS was the second round. I was not home to witness the first round HA!

pigs n a blanket.jpg

To cook, A. heated the deep fryer to 350-355, waited for the oil to get hot, and then dropped the piggies in, stirring them around in the oil until they were golden brown — or cooked to your liking.

Easy, delicious, no-fuss — perfect “boyfriend recipe.” It’s a no-fail if you want to make something for your man!

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