Patrick Schwarzenegger: Gym rat and (un)healthy eater

I am one of those people who has been known to get jealous of people with extreme metabolisms — people who can eat McDonald’s every day and never gain an ounce. I happen to live with one!

I have to remind myself that though they may look healthy on the outside, that McDonald’s is certainly not helping their long-term health.

A story I saw on Yahoo this week is a perfect example of the kind of person that makes me shake my head.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is in great shape. Of course, he’s got great genes from his dad…

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

But the 19-year-old isn’t doing too bad himself!

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

He’s a USC sophomore who CLEARLY spends a lot of time in the gym and cares about his body and taking care of it.

The kid has a one-up on me, as I can’t remember the last time I was in a gym 😦 Exercise is not my passion — so I have to put a lot of effort into making sure my eating is as clean as possible and as nutrient dense as possible in order to at least maintain my physique. I also have a metabolism that’s been put through the ringer over the years, so I can eat ONE quarter pounder from McDonald’s and gain 10 pounds.

qpHowever, Patrick is not supplementing all of the hard work he puts in at the gym with healthy, nutrient dense foods.

THIS is a snapshot of the inside of Patrick’s pantry, via his Twitter page. He tweeted the picture, saying “If your (sic) wondering what foods I eat to maintain 6 pack and what foods are in my pantry, here you are”

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

Yikes! Patrick is lucky he is young and his metabolism and workout regime can burn off that unhealthy food — but someday, somehow, this will catch up to him — either in the form of weight gain or disease.

Plus, the junk food can’t be adequately fueling Patrick in the gym.

Imagine the success he would have sculpting his body if he was more focused on fueling his body correctly!

Patrick’s dad, the infamous Arnold, was one year older than Patrick when he won Mr. Universe — and I doubt he was eating Oreos and Pop-Tarts!

arnold s*END RANT*

(DISCLAIMER: This post may not be a good example, but I generally try not to bash people for their dietary choices, or push people to conform to mine. However, I do believe that everyone deserves to enjoy healthy, nutrient dense food, but sadly too many of us are stuck in the revolving door that is sugar addiction).


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