The “Daily Delicious”: Buffalo roasted cauliflower

I LOVE buffalo chicken — and buffalo sauce in and of itself, so when I saw THIS RECIPE via Closet Cooking for Buffalo Roasted CAULIFLOWER — I knew it was something I HAD to feature for the “Daily Delicious” — and a recipe I’m going to HAVE to try!

(ASIDE: I can appreciate Closet Cooking, as his blog is named to reflect the size of his kitchen. I too, have a closet-sized kitchen! I’ll have to get in there and get a photo up on the blog so you can all see what I’m working with!)

As I learned when going through the lifestyle change that is the Paleo Diet — I quickly learned of the versatility of cauliflower — of all things!

There is SO MUCH that can be made, and so easily, with this little white cruciferous vegetable. (HERE are some examples via Chowstalker!)

Covering it with buffalo sauce seems perfect to me!

Photo Courtesy (

Photo Courtesy (

The best part about this recipe (besides the DIVINE FLAVOR) is the fact that it takes just 30 minutes from preparation until serving.

The ingredients are simply, butter, salt and pepper and hot sauce (I would recommend Frank’s). Most of them are Paleo — but as always, read the labels!

frank'sBack in the heart of my Paleo-ness, I would eat an entire head of roasted cauliflower with a pound of ground beef — and that was dinner. It was a sort of, Hamburger Helper.

This buffalo chicken roasted cauliflower seems like something that could easily be made a meal by incorporating protein in some way — maybe even ground or shredded chicken, for buffalo chicken roasted cauliflower!

As for the blue cheese sauce that is loved by lovers of spicy buffalo wings — you’ll have to make your own, if you want to stick to strict Paleo — and can tolerate dairy.

I think a very simple sauce could include crumbled blue cheese and some Greek yogurt — OR, you can check out THIS RECIPE, courtesy of PaleoSpirit that includes Paleo mayo, coconut milk and spices.

Photo Courtesy (

Photo Courtesy (

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