EATS!: Work week lunch: Asian-y Brussels sprouts Salad!

I have been consuming a lot of Brussels sprouts lately. My favorite place to buy them is Trader Joe’s — because it’s the only place I’ve been able to find them already shredded in a bag.

brusselsSure, I could shred them myself (and probably save money!) BUT cooking takes long enough — so I pay for the convenience of pre-shredded sprouts.

This Brussels salad I discovered via was ridiculously easy to throw together (which was good — because Food Cook-up Saturday was a lazy one this week!)

brussels saladI took out the biggest bowl I have, and dropped in a bag of Brussels that I happened to have on hand — leftover from last week’s veggie tacos.

I dropped the sprouts into the bowl (raw), and tossed in a container of blueberries, 1 fuji apple, diced and some red onion.

Then, I failed to take a picture of my salad 😦

Next, it was time to make a dressing for the salad. I used: safflower oil (happened to have this on hand), a bit of sesame oil, ACV, ground dry mustard, the juice of one lemon, and got some chopped walnuts and feta for serving.

This salad provided an awesome blend of flavors, with the fruit, the Asian-y dressing and the veggies — and a great, healthy start to the day!

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